Van T. Tran is the founder of World Green Citizen organization

He is also the former official sustainable advisor for HH Sheikh Abdulaziz Al Nuaimi member of the ruling family of the Emirate Ajman, known as the “Green Sheikh”.

Van T. Tran was a Member of Board of Advisory for the Smart Build 2011 brought by the Big 5, and Member of the Scientific Committee for the Ajman international Environment Conference 2012. He was the Head of Development for the UAE Business Council for Sustainable Development - the Regional Chapter of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, based in Geneva - and initiator of the Vision 2050 Arabia for the Middle East Region. Report available in Arabic on the WBCSD

Van T. Tran also shared his testimonial for a sustainable suppliers platform released by MASDAR,

As a strategic sustainable advisor to several CEO / Leaders in this region, he is assisting them to adopt sustainable approach and practices in their vision to drive and grow their company, by demonstrating that sustainable is profitable, no matter which field & market the company is in: Education, Industry, Certification, Training, Recruitment, Finance, Investments, Tourism...etc.

Van T. Tran has multicultural mindset and experience: born in Vietnam, lived 10 years in India, graduated in France, worked in the Netherlands, Spain, USA & UAE. In 2000, he graduated from French mechanical engineer school specialized in Industrial system, and started his career at GE (General Electric) focusing on Marketing, Quality (Six Sigma), Business Development and Project Management. He enrolled in the GE’s leadership program – Crotonville, initiated by Jack Welch . He then strengthen his engineer background with an International Marketing and Management MBA in Paris in 2006, and joined WAFI part of MKM Holdings in Dubai, founded by H.E. Sheikh Mana Bin Khalifa Al Maktoum. In 2009 joined the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce & Industry, heading the UAE Business Council for Sustainable Development.

Van T. Tran endorsed and participated in 12+ Exhibitions in 2011 across Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah: World Future Energy Summit, Green Arabian Construction Week, Smart Build, Future cities @ Cityscape, Sustainable Design @ Index, World Green Tourism & Hospitality, Green Middle East..etc.

Van T. Tran is genuinely oriented to the environment and sustainability is part of his core values in his daily actions.

Van T. TranFounder and President

Daniella Dimitrova Russo is the Founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Think Beyond Plastic™ Accelerator, a public benefit corporation focused on disruptive innovation and entrepreneurial solutions to plastic pollution.

Daniella Russo’s blended executive experience in high-tech, Fortune-500 businesses and NGOs has helped elevate plastic pollution to the forefront of global, social and environmental discourse. She launched the Think Beyond Plastic™ Accelerator and Innovation Forum to address plastic pollution as an innovation challenge that leverages the growing consumer and business demand for sustainable alternatives to conventional plastic. She views plastic pollution as an untapped investment opportunity, and an innovation challenge. Daniella Russo is pioneering a global strategy focused on viable solutions that enable corporate responsibility and financial growth through market and policy instruments.

Daniella Russo is a serial entrepreneur. She has been on the executive teams of Silicon Valley startups and high-tech businesses such as Frame Technology, Internet pioneer Infoseek, Xerox PARK and Sun Microsystems. She co-founded PlanetStop, one of the first mobile communities. She pioneered the concept of high-tech keiretsu in the early days of the Web1.0 boom and started Mindzone, Inc to enable emerging businesses and entrepreneurs reduce time to revenue and survive and thrive in a crowded marketplace. She believes in nurturing entrepreneurship and is passionate about mentoring entrepreneurs.

Daniella Russo is a social entrepreneur. She believes that progressive societies are fueled by the power of informed and engaged people, and empowered by innovation and entrepreneurship. She views our sustainable future as a goal for successful public-private partnerships, with corporate social responsibility and individual responsibility mutually aligned. She is excited about the power of young people to lead the future through transformative ideas and disruptive thinking, by challenging the status-quo.

Daniella Russo is passionate about plastic pollution. Since 2007, she has been at the forefront of engineering a large scale disruption to the conventional plastic production, with the goal to produce viable and sustainable B2B and B2C alternatives. In 2007, she launched an award-winning 360 awareness campaign. In 2009, she co-founded the global alliance Plastic Pollution Coalition and grew it to over 300 member-organizations with a total global reach of over 50 million people. In 2011, she led the formation of an entrepreneur-impact investor forum which brought 100+ businesses to an annual competition and a conference on disruptive innovation, and grew into the Think Beyond Plastic™ Innovation Forum.

Daniella Russo is a frequent speaker on topics such as Ocean Health, Ocean Marine Debris, Addressing Sustainability through Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Empowering Women Entrepreneurs and Innovators, Youth Leadership and Sustainability, Creating Effective Public-private Partnerships and other. She is a frequent speaker at high-profile international events such as UNEP’s 5 International Marine Debris Conference in Hawaii, UNEPs conference in Jamaica, Rio+20 in Brazil, UN Energy Day, SXSW-Eco, US State Dept. Conference, LetsDoItWorld in Estonia, LOHAS, Impact, Benchley Awards and others. She has held press conferences in the Smithsonian (US), Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama and many more. She is a Board member and Advisor to many businesses as well as UPSTREAM, BLUE Ocean Conservation Summit, Trash Free Seas Alliance and a World Green Citizen Ambassador and Advisory Board Member.

Watch: US Dept of State Secretary J. Kerry Conference “Our Ocean” Daniella Russo talk on Innovation.

Daniella Dimitrova RussoSustainable Waste Management/Plastic Expert

Iman is the CEO and Principal Consultant for Laurel & Tercel consulting company in Dubai, UAE. With her 28 years of work experience, she led strategies for multi-national organizations with an objective to increase market shares and profit margins.

She is the President of The International Business & Economic Development Institute (IBEDI) UAE Chapter, part of IBEDI Boston in USA and, Member of The Institute of Business Consulting (IBC) in UK and The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) in UK within The International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI) in UK, recognized for consulting in World Trade with Special Consulting Focus by the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

She studied International Business Law, Management Consultancy, and International Business and Economic Development. Throughout her career life, she handled senior management positions with multi-national organizations such as British American Tobacco, Chanel, Smith & Nephew, Fattal Holding and MEBCO Bank.

Authored educational programs related to Strategic Management, Sustainability, Social Responsibility, Leadership, Sales, & Marketing and Services that attracted thousands of leaders from public and private organizations all over the world. She was an Associate Faculty with Alfaisal University in KSA and Zayed University in Dubai.

Wrote Management Papers about:

  • The influential leader
  • Corporate governance and business ethics
  • The social norms and issues of ethical dilemmas
  • Management consultancy issues of integrity, independence and competency
  • Managing business within a rapidly growing environment
  • Market research and forecasting within the global telecommunication industry
  • Managing business during turbulent times

Iman lives by and advocates business ethics, consequently she values diversity in terms of culture, religion, race and gender. In addition, she considers the interests of a wider range of stakeholders including the general public and national and international interest when proposing action, or in action. She thinks of sustainability as a way of living, behaving and conducting work. Sustainability should become the sole definition for organizational behavior and culture. Sustaining business, profits and relationships has always been on the list of business objectives all over the world. How to achieve that is what she talks about.

Community support is a natural duty for her. She served as Board Member, Chair of Public Relations Committee, Chair of Global Study Exchange Committee and Member of ‘Children with Heart’ committee with the Rotary Club of Dubai and supported various humanitarian cases across Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Coming from a family that lives and breathes the agricultural business at large and throughout generations, Iman has a special relation with planting green livings and saving the environment to protect the universe from all adversaries. She is a Founding Member of the Environmental Care Organization in Lebanon, a Funding Supporter of World Green Peace Organization for the Middle East and past member of Lebanese Red Cross.

Iman A. OusseyranSustainable Alliances & Strategic Marketing

Senior Architectural Engineer at Dubai MUnicipality since 2009. Beside his work in the Building Department, Adel is also an active member of the "Green Building Team" in Dubai Government. Where he had worked hard for 3 years with a small group of Engineers to design the Green Building Code in Dubai. The code is currently mandatory for all new buildings in Dubai starting from April 2014.

As an Egyptian native, Adel studied Architectural Engineering at Cairo University. He received his Bachelor degree in 2000. Worked for seven years in Egypt as a Designer and in parallel he was teaching at AAST University - the Department of Architecture & Environmental Design.

In 2007 he moved to KSA to practice projects management for one year with one of the leading Developers in Riyadh. Later he moved to Dubai where he was involved in several consultancy works (Architectural & Urban). During his 14 years of experience, he designed many projects with different typologies in Middle East.

Adel is passionate about bringing Sustainable Architecture to the public. He is frequent, invited speaker in different events and Conferences in the Region.

Adel MoktarSustainable Buildings: Policy & Regulations

Noaman Al Saleh, previously a CSR and Public Relations Manager, responsible for managing and developing ENOC’s CSR programmes and committee, advertising, public relations and sponsorships events. He was also the Editor-in-Chief for Insights, the official ENOC magazine.

Prior to this role, Al Saleh held the titles of Business Development and Project Manager for ENOC & EPPCO Retail Real Estate followed by of ENOC.

Al Saleh started his career in July 2000 as Area Manager, Sharjah Insurance & Reinsurance Co. He then joined ENOC as a Sales Manager for ENOC & EPPCO Lubricants in March 2001.

Al Saleh studied Electronic Engineering from Monmouth University in the USA and holds a degree in Computer Information System from Lambton College in Canada. He was also awarded Master Certificate for ‘Project Leadership’ from Cornell University. He holds Master of Science at Ashridge Business School in the area of Sustainability and Responsibility.

Al Saleh also is a permanent member in the Corporate Communications Committee of Dubai Supreme Council of Energy and as a member of the Steering Committee in ‘ENGAGE Dubai’ by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce.

  • Global Value Expert Crowed Member at the European Commission 7th Framework Program. Vienna, Austria 2013 - Present
  • Ambassador of Sustainable Campus International-Middle East, MacEwan University, Canada 2013
  • Think Tank Member of WWF, The Finance Lab, UK, London 2013 - Present
  • Communication Committee member at Dubai Supreme Council of Energy 2011 - 2014
  • Steering Committee Member at Engage Dubai, Dubai Chamber of Commerce 2008 - 2014
  • Panelist at 4th Middle East Public Relations Conference Association, Dubai 2014
  • Create & initiate ENOC SustainTalk at Dubai Global Energy Forum (DGEF) & Water Technologies, Energy and Environment Exhibition (WETEX) 2013
  • Panel Member at Dubai Quality Group CSR Charter 2011
  • Speaker at PROSPERO Global Forum on Sustainability and Social Performance for the Oil & Gas and Mining, Netherland, Amsterdam 2013
  • Guest Speaker and panelist at Zayed University Sustainable Communication Forum, Dubai 2013
  • Speaker and Panelist at IIR 10th CSR Summit, Dubai 2013
  • Panelist at the 3rd Middle East Public Relations Association Conference, Dubai 2013
  • Speaker at Marcus Evans launches the 2nd Annual Social Media Marketing Conference, Dubai 2012
  • Speaker at Marcus Evans Corporate Social Responsibility Forum, Dubai 2011 & 2012
  • Speaker at Bahrain Sustainability Conference, Bahrain 2011
  • Speaker at ME Corporate Communication Forum Dubai 2011
  • Guest Speaker at Hult Business School, Dubai 2009, 2010, 2011
  • Guest Speaker in Communication Leadership Conference at UAE University, 2008
  • Published as an International figure in Marquise Who’s Who in the World, 2004 Edition - present
  • President of the International Students’ Club
    • 1993-1995 (Founder) Tacoma Community College, Washington USA
    • 1995-1996 Monmouth University, New Jersey, USA
Noaman Al SalehSustainable Public Relation

Denise Andrzejewski is an accomplished, passionate and dynamic Professional Team-Building Developer, Instructor and Speaker with expertise in establishing strong, collaborative teams focused on a concerted effort to achieve company goals. A highly motivated “out of the box” thinker who is creative, she easily fosters employee morale/team spirit, clarity under new leadership or organizational changes and global collaboration of large-scale. For the past few years, Denise has focused her energies in working extensively with high profile companies in the power, gas, oil and energy industries focusing on their return on resources and sustainable development of the human capital.

Sustainability was a major aspect during her years with Siemens, which is the world’s most sustainable company according the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI). Denise was part of the team moving 800 Siemens employees into the “greenest building” in the Middle East: Siemens’ new Headquarters in Masdar City. Building technologies and sustainable human capital management ensured that this Siemens office had a 46% reduction in energy demand, 50% reduction in water demand and a 30% carbon deduction.

Denise has been instrumental in the conceptualization, planning, design and development of course materials as well as teaching classes in Front Office Management, Customer Service, and soft skills. She has designed and facilitated workshops on Team Building Activities and Events, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team Workshop and Business Development Strategies. Her courses focus on identifying problems in communication, promoting and retaining company morale, the impact of motivation on employee performance, creating and facilitating interactive activities to recognize shared goals, designing and implementing team-building toolkits and developing managerial and leadership skills. With a focus on education and capability building to empower communities and teams within and outside of organizations she has created concepts in innovation management to build a holistic model of employees as sustainable human capital by bridging theory and practice.

Denise is a Certified Performance Consultant, a Certified HR and Training Director, and a Certified Instructional/Training Designer and Developer with a B.Sc. in Psychology and a Certificate in Organizational Psychology.

Denise AndrzejewskiSustainable Human Capital Management



Operation Team

Xavier Valmorin is a firm believer that entrepreneurship is a key contribution towards a progressive society. With a MSc background and experiences in a variety of industries – from manufacturing solar panels to manage client services teams for high end media – he is now a green entrepreneur.


Xavier is fueled by the vision that Change comes from individuals. That the big impactful changes we can make as a society are only the sum of the small steps we take as individuals, as insignificant as they can seem.

Currently working on bringing to the market new disposable products made of bamboo, as an alternative to plastic.

Xavier ValmorinProject Compliance & Investment Manager

Mathilde is an Environmental Awareness specialist with a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the University of Houston. During her professional experiences, she has built expertise in environmental policies, CSR and sustainability. Dynamic and with strong communication skills, she enjoys sharing her knowledge on global issues such as energy, poverty and climate change. Dedicated to contribute to making the world a more sustainable place, she strongly believes that every contribution no matter how small it is helps.

Mathilde AllardProjects Manager

Yulia is a Strategic Human Resources Specialist with Master Degree from Australian University of Wollongong in Dubai with multi–culture and multi-functional experience in various fields such as marketing, business development, sales, client’s relationship management, executive administration which were gained through 7 years experiences in sales and finance services operations.

Her interpersonal skills (empathy, integrity, inspiration, etc.) helped to mentor, train and lead subordinates by creating atmosphere of trust and integration. She believes that human capital is one of the main company assets’ which require special care in order to improve performance.

She trusts that through right team integration and management of diversity between company’s employees’ greater successes can be achieved.

Yulia MikhalskayaHR Manager

Pascal is specialized for 25 years in the integrated systems of the building and industries; he worked for EIFFAGE group, SPIE group and GORGE group, and is based in South of France. He has managed a huge portfolio of projects for those companies where the main objective is optimization of energy and cost. Pascal has an extensive network in France related to Air Conditioning, Electrical systems, Energy production systems, systems of fire protection, Energy efficiency and Energy Engineering. Pascal is passionate about the way demography evolution and economic models affect Sustainable Development, and how to minimize these two factors.

Pascal ClementProjects Manager

Nizam is a passionate digital designer with over a decade of experience in online media and branding. After graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Software Engineering (Leeds Metropolitan University), Nizam found inspiration in digital design and became a self-taught professional. He has been fortunate to have worked with reputed design agencies and high profile clients in the UAE.

His work includes creating online presence for multinational brands as well as high profile individuals in the region including Ali Mostafa, a renowned film director and Anas Bukhash, celebrity / entrepreneur.

Nizam is actively involved in branding World Green Citizen's online presence and is dedicated to servicing WGC's online design and development requirements.


Nizam MohammedCreative Director

Julien Boichot is part of the young generation that believes that Sustainability is a concern for everyone, and we need to start solving it today for a better future. Graduated from a technical university degree in Health, Safety and Environment ; He also has a Master degree of « Hygiene in work environment ».

He worked during seven years for Veolia in waste treatment and recycling plants such as incinerators, waste sorting plants and composting plants, and he was also in charge of the Health Quality and Environment department.

He is currently in charge of Quality, Health and Environnement for a specialized recycling company for metal, electrical waste and electronic equipments. He is also handling QSE management system such as ISO 9001 – ISO 14001 – OHSAS 18001.

Julien BoichotDeputy Treasurer